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Training Tips

If you live in an apartment, face long cold winters, are older, handicapped, or work very long hours, indoor housetraining your dog may be your best and only option.


Here are a few easy steps that will teach you how to indoor-potty train your puppy:

Step 1-

We recommend that you keep your puppy in a separate contained area, especially when you’re not keeping an eye on him. It is best to keep him from wondering around the house, the bigger the space the higher chance he’ll have a potty mishap. It is also a good idea to set up a playpen or keep him in a room for his training, preferably a room without a carpet.

Step 2-

Once you’ve established a puppy training area make sure to furnish it accordingly. Place a few puppy pads around the room making sure to keep the food and sleeping area separate. You do not want your puppy to mix the areas and start bringing food or toys into the puppy pads.

Step 3-

We recommend that you feed your furry friend on a schedule to avoid potty accidents. If your dog is on a feeding schedule you can predict when he’ll need to use the pads. Most dogs will go 15-30 minutes after they are fed. This step facilitates step number 4.

Step 4-

The following step is the most time consuming and tedious. You’re going to have to wait for your puppy to use the pads. It is crucial that you reward and praise your puppy every time he uses the pads. We recommend that you take your puppy to the pads every 2-3 hours and after he wakes up, eats, plays for a long periods of time, and before bedtime.

More Tips...
  • If your puppy isn’t having accidents after about 2-3 weeks allow him some freedom, but as soon as he goes outside of the designated pad area you will have to contain him again. Remember to reward him for every time he does go on the pads.

  • No punishments- Remain calm, if your puppy has an accident or misses the puppy pads do not yell, or punish him. Punishing your dog for potty accidents will simply teach your dog to not go potty around you. Instead he will continue the bad behavior behind your back. Simply focus on encouraging good behavior, and calmly teaching your dog the right place to go potty. Patience is the keyword here. X